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DIRECTIONS FOR GETTING ON BASE AND TO OUR BUILDING: Critical instructions for passing through base security. PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY AND FOLLOW SPEED LIMITS PRECISELY (they are very serious about vehicular traffic.)

MAIN Building (weekly meetings)

PI Building (occasional large meetings)


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You must complete this for each student.

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TechBrick Program Information

Interested in TechBrick?

2020-2021 Season Registration:

Registration is open for the 2020-2021 season.  We are working with mentors to devise appropriate at home / video call / in person education per program.

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About 2/3 of this year's students (FTC was at their kickoff).

TechBrick, formed in early 2003, is an independent robotics and STEM education club for home-schooled, public, and private school students, K-12, in Harford, Baltimore, and Cecil counties. TechBrick is completely run by volunteers.

How do you get involved?

CLICK HERE to watch the program intro talk. 

    1. We will provide a short presentation about the program.
    2. Robots from the past year will be on display and you can see the rest of the facility.
    3. Parents AND students should attend.
    4. Existing students can just re-register.
    5. If you are a new student, watch the program talk and then register.

This year we have more than 110 active registrations from more than 35 schools and homeschools with weekly meetings of children and parents (who are encouraged to stay and participate). You can see some of what we’ve been doing at Our teams have participated in numerous championships both regionally and at World’s.

Why this program is critical to our nation’s future:

The club runs under a program called FIRST, founded in 1989 by Dean Kamen (of Segway Scooter fame) and Woodie Flowers from MIT. Their goal was to create a program in which young students, with a strong interest in technology and engineering, could get the same type of encouragement that students get in organized sports. We offer all four the US FIRST programs spanning K-12 as well of off season activities.

There are no prerequisites.

We are looking for students, ages 5 through HS Seniors, eager to learn engineering at all levels, willing to focus on a very complex task, and engage in building a world-class robot and team. Our facility now features 3D printers, computer aided design machines, and range of related tools and technology. No previous skills or training are required.

There are modest dues for each program.

Best Training for Young Technologists

The FIRST program and competitions provide one of the best platforms for young people to get excited about the challenges and rewards of engineering: They are pushed to the limit on every level: project management, design, research, testing, strategic- planning, and more. In the coming years many of our participants will be the future technical leaders, providing the innovative solutions we need to maintain our competitive edge.

Four Tution Based Programs

2020-21 Fees May change. Current fees are below.

  • JrFLL (Ages 5-8/Meets in Homes) runs from mid-Sept for about 6 weeks.Then again in January/Feb for events. COST: $75 per student.
  • FLL (Ages 8-12/Meets at APG) runs from mid Aug through March. COST: $200 per student.
  • FTC (Grades 7-12 grade/Meets at APG) runs from late Aug through March. COST: $250 per student.
  • FRC (Grades 9-12 grade/Meets at APG) runs from late August through April with an intensive six week build session from Jan through mid-Feb. COST: $300 per student.